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Am i pansexual quiz | am i really pansexual Female Male Quiz

Am i pansexual quiz | am i really pansexual Female Male Quiz

Pansexuality is the sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity. A pansexual person can love not only the traditional male and female genders, but also transgendered. Take this quiz and we'll tell you whether you're pansexual.
Have you ever questioned your sexuality? If you have and also felt uncomfortable about it, then don’t be. You are not alone in this. Exploring your sexuality is very much normal thing to do as long as you it safely. One of the biggest flaws in our education system is that, it does not provide you the answers about sexuality. Rather it hinders you to even talk about it. Our knowledge about sexuality is very limited even in this modern age. Sexuality, sometimes is no doubt complicated to find out. Finding and acknowledging your sexuality can be empowering. To find out whether you are pansexual or not. First you have to clear your mind about the term. Pansexuality is attraction whether sexual or emotional towards the people regardless of their genders. Pansexual are also termed as Gender blind. As according to them, gender differentiation has nothing to do with attraction. Often, people mix the term bisexual with pansexual, but in actual the both terms are different. Just observe your behavior around people. Self-analysis is the only key factor to find out your answers. There is no reason to rush for defining your sexuality. There is plenty of time. You don’t have to push yourself if you are not ready to accept the answers. Take your proper time and sit back and relax. You can also seek guidance from your trust worthies. It’s time to get back to quiz. Sit back, Answer it properly and find your queries about your sexuality

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The opposite sex
The same sex
Both sex
The opposite sex
The same sex
Both sex
Yes, I'm mostly attracted to one gender
No, i'm attracted to both gender equally
Both equally
Both, but most of my friends are the opposite sex
Both, but most of my friends are the same sex as me
I find girls physically and emotionally attractive
I find guys physically and emotionally attractive
I find both sexes physically and emotionally attractive.
I don't find either sex physically or emotionally attractive.
Yes, why not?
Maybe, i'm open minded
No, not at all.
Males / Females / Transgendered Males / Transgendered Females etc
Someone of the opposite sex
Someone of the same sex
I don't care about the sex.. As long as they are attractive.
Satisfied. I already know i am.
Worried. I don't know whether i am
Upset. I am not!!
Pansexuality doesn't revolve around looks. It's really the personality. Anyways, I liked the quiz!
Answer By: Mylie
Answer On: 25-Jan-2020
Well I told my class and friends I'm pan and I started to think am I really? I kinda regretted saying I was because I don't know if it's true now but after taking a couple quizzes I know how I'm Bi/pansexual and I hope I stay the way I am I'm a female pansexual a little sadistic human being an .com proud!!!
Answer By: Jay
Answer On: 24-Dec-2019
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Am i pansexual quiz | am i really pansexual Female Male Quiz : Test Trivia

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