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World Geography Unit quiz 16

World Geography Unit quiz 16

World Geography Unit

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What is the name of the third largest city in Brazil?

Rio De Janeiro
Belo Horizonte

Which Brazilian state was the major producer of gold for the Portuguese crown in the 18th century?

Minas Gerais
Sao Paulo

Which Australian state capital city is located on the scenic Swan River, home of black swans?


"Bearbrass" was once considered as an alternative name for the capital city today known as what?

Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
Suva, Fiji
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Which capital city has, as a scenic backdrop, the snow-capped Mount Wellington?

Wellington., New Zealand
Hobart, Tasmania
Port Louis, Mauritius

Which American state capital, populated largely by Swiss immigrants, was originally Sutter's Fort?

Sacramento, California
St. Paul, Minnesota
Nashville, Tennessee

Which northern European capital city was completely burned to the ground in 1713 and again in 1808?


Which capital city lies near the mouth of the Rewa River?

Suva, Fiji
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Dhaka, Pakistan

Which city did ng Kamehameha declare a capital in 1850?

Pago Pago, Samoa
Honolulu, Hawaii
Suva, Fiji

What city is the 2nd largest in area in the world?

Fairbanks, Alaska
St. Petersburg, Russia
Juneau, Alaska

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World Geography Unit quiz 16 : Test Trivia

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