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Which Aliens in the Attic Character AM I?

Which Aliens in the Attic Character AM I?

Aliens in the Attic is a 2009 American live-action/animated comic science fiction family film directed by John Schultz and starring Carter Jenkins, Austin Butler, Ashley Tisdale, Gillian Vigman, Andy Richter, Doris Roberts, Robert Hoffman, Kevin Nealon, Tim Meadows, Henri Young, Regan Young, Josh Peck, J. K. Simmons, Kari Wahlgren and Thomas Haden Church.[2][3] The plot revolves around the children in the Pearson family having to defend their vacation house against a group of aliens planning an invasion of Earth until one of the aliens betrays them and joins the Pearson children in battle. Produced by Regency Enterprises, Aliens in the Attic was released by 20th Century Fox on July 31, 2009 and received mixed reviews from film critics but was not successful at the box office.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

what is the trait you want in your partner in crime?


what is your favorite color?


Your best friend has been trapped by the Xenomorph. What do you do?

Try and distract the alien Shout rude things about its mother Shout rude things about its mother Stand there shaking
Go fight

You're trapped in a room with the hibernating Xenomorph. What would be the first thing you do?

Cuddle up to it Try to rest with one eye open Create a makeshift flamethrower and then think of a plan
Get in a corner

You've received a message which fluctuates between an SOS and a warning coming from the planet you've landed on, but you can't find a way to work out which. What do you do?

Leave as quickly as possible. Better safe than sorry
Get all the crew out searching. We've got the key so the ship's not leaving
Send a small team out to investigate. It could be a hoax. Right?

You're the only survivor and you're 2 days from Earth. The Xenomorph could be anywhere on board. What do you do?

Take Jones and enter cryo-sleep until arrival knowing the Alien could attack Earth
Change course and fly away from Earth
Take the escape shuttle and hope the alien isn't hiding inside

While trying to escape, you stumble upon the Xenomorph around the corner. It hasn't noticed you. What do you do?

Freeze and hope it smells the lunch leftovers
Back away slowly and find another route

You've discovered a message sent to Mother instructing that your life is expendable. How do you react?

Go crazy and destroy Mother
Panic and question the crew
Return to the crew and plan an escape

Upon entry to an alien temple you're faced with this. What's your first move?

Let's go in and keep close in case we need to run
Back the way I came
We should do a visual inspection from here before we go further

Are you afraid of anything?

I cry when the curtains close
Somethings still get me
I can almost say no

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Which Aliens in the Attic Character AM I? : Test Trivia

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