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Quiz: Java Technologies Apache Commons CLI.

Quiz: Java Technologies Apache Commons CLI.

This quiz contains information about Java Technologies Apache Commons CLI. The Apache Commons CLI library provides an API for parsing command line options passed to programs.
In my own experience, I found Apache Commons CLI very useful. I used it when maintaining nuxeoctl, and when I developing command line

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The Apache Commons CLI are the components of the Apache Commons which are derived from-

C Modular
Java compiler
Java API

Commons CLI provides Options class which is ................... for Option objects.

a pointer
a container
an integer

When Apache Commons CLI, initially released?

in 2002
in 2000
in 1996

Commons CLI provides a ................... for parsing command-line arguments.

complex table
linked list
standard mechanism

How many ways are there to create Options in CLI?


The result of the definition stage is ................. instance.

an alternative
an Options
a list

When Commons CLI was initially released?

in 2000
in 2002

In which stage, the text passed into the application via the command line is processed?

The lining stage
The parsing stage
The miniging stage

When Commons CLI 1.2 was released?

in 1993
in 2000
in 2009

...................... method defined on CommandLineParser takes an Options instance and a String[] of arguments and returns a CommandLine.

The parse
The line
The common

The result of the parsing stage is-

a unique value
a CommandLine instance
a startLine pakage

Commons CLI 1.0 was formed from the merger of ideas and code from ..................... different libraries


Which command line processing stage is implemented in the user code?

The normal stage
The interrogation stage
The definite stage

When Commons CLI 1.4 was released?

in 2000
in 2017
in 2003

When a freshly designed CLI 2 was created?

in 2004
in 2005
in 2011

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Quiz: Java Technologies Apache Commons CLI. : Test Trivia

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