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Quiz: Java Technologies AWT.

This quiz contains information about Java Technologies AWT.
Java is the widely used programming language to develop different programs or applications to run on the systems. Java AWT Package was originally introduced in Java version 1.0.2 and then reengineered to use JavaBeans. Java AWT contains the foundation classes in the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), to develop Java graphical user interface (GUI). Java AWT provides two levels of Application Programming Interface Java AWT package is very vast and contains 12 packages of 370 classes. There is a component of AWT called container that contains another components like labels, buttons etc. Each GUI program has top level containers. The commonly used container in AWT package are Frame, Applet and Dialog. There is total nine non container component classes and four container classes. To create a simple AWT example, you need a frame. There are two ways of this: inheritance and association. The original design of Java AWT had number of flaws in it which were improved in later versions. AWT components have now become outdated and need to be improved or replaced by the newer version. Java AWT is a long term member of Java platform for the last twenty years and will remain part of Java specifications. It is reported that Java AWT will run through at least by 2026. It may be because that large amount of tools and applications have built on them. In this modern age of technology, it is very much important to learn advance technologies. If you know it already, then test your knowledge and you can also discover new aspects of this.

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Quiz: Java Technologies AWT. : Test Trivia

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