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Game of Thrones Weapon Quiz | What's My 'Game of Thrones' Weapon?

Game of Thrones Weapon Quiz | What's My 'Game of Thrones' Weapon?

Winter is finally here. As a 'Game of Thrones' fan with the heart of a warrior, which weapon do you prefer to fight your enemies off? Take this quiz and we will tell you which will best suite you.
Game of thrones has gained so much popularity in recent times due to its grasping story line. Have you ever pondered that if you have you visit the Game of throne’s fantasy world then what weapon you want to take with you? As the danger and death is the leading factor to consider in this world. Now let’s have a look on various options to pick. The foremost option is Valriyan Steel. It is form of metal recognized by its strength and very light weight. It can also kill White Walkers. The swords forged from this steel belongs to honorable Houses of Westeros. There are many swords made from Valriyan Steel including Long Claw, Heartsbane. Ice, Lady Forlon etc. There are many Valriyan swords that have been lost that includes BlackFyre, Brightroar and Dark Sister. There is another very destructive weapon called Dragonglass. It is the form of volcanic glass and it also can kill White Walkers. The White Walkers are created by plunging Dragonglass into the human chest. If you are considering of picking a weapon then why not Dragons. As they are the ultimate weapons to destroy your enemy by breathing fire. The dragons have helped Targaryens to conquer the Westeros and rule it for three hundred years. Ice blades are used by White Walkers and they can shatter any weapon other than Valriyan steel. There is also a weapon named Needle owned by Arya. It looks decent but pointy end can bring heavy damage. Now chose you weapon that suits you wisely by answering this quiz and get into the world of Game of Thrones

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You May Get Result Of Game of Thrones Weapon Quiz | What's My 'Game of Thrones' Weapon?

Widows Wail is for anyone willing to do whatever it takes to get to fame and glory
This might not be for the strongest but it is known for speed in quick-thrusting attacks; wielded by anyone with a penchant to prove themselves
This sword is wielded by those bound by oath to rise to the defence of others. They won't rest until the oath is fulfilled
Long Claw is wielded by the bravest of all: anyone with a burning desire to prove themselves as well as committed to defend the defenseless on the side of good.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Below 18
Above 40
Just my family members
Everyone. My mobile won't stop buzzing!
None. No one cares
I could care less
I don't think so. I try not to offend
One or two that deeply hurt me
Oh, the whole world is against me. But do i care?
Take it out on others
Keep fighting back. I don't ever give up
Take whatever hand fate deals me
Fame and riches
Honour and loyalty

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Game of Thrones Weapon Quiz | What's My 'Game of Thrones' Weapon? : Test Trivia

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