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Take This World Geography Quiz Questions!15

Take This World Geography Quiz Questions!15

Take This World Geography Quiz Questions!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Fallowing means?

Leaving land uncultivated
None of these

The settlement pattern likely to grow in plain fertile agricultural areas is?

None of these

Among the following, India's Naga village sites show an adjustment to?

Defence needs
Areas having dry climate
None of these

Monoculture is a typical characteristic of which of the following?

Intensive farming
Commercial grain farming
None of these

farming is common in areas having low rainfall.

Paddy cultivation
Livestock ranching
None of these

The physiological density of population means?

Farming population per unit of cultivated area
Number of literates in the nation
Number of working persons in the nation

Among the following options, what is not true about Laterite soil?

Laterite soil is highly porous
Laterite soil is poor in fertility of grain crops
Laterite soil is not good in iron compounds

In India, Green Revolution had limited impact in?

None of these

On the banks of which river was the Rourkela Steel Plant built?

Yamuna River
Brahmani River
None of these

is located on the ChhotaNagpur Plateau.

None of these

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Take This World Geography Quiz Questions!15 : Test Trivia

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