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Geology Exam: Match The Following! Trivia Quiz 1

Geology Exam: Match The Following! Trivia Quiz 1

Geology Exam: Match The Following! Trivia Quiz

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Water reduces the strength of clays but raises the cohesion of the soil
Water increases the strength and cohesion
Water lowers the strength and cohesion
In hilly areas, mudflows move down the canyons and stream valleys
Mudflows deposit talus slopes
Mudflows can move and carry very large boulders and other coarse debris
Runoff and infiltration
Evaporation and transpiration
Precipitation and runoff
As laser-guided, granite blocks launched from a supersonic jet
As blocks of volcanic rock ejected from an erupting volcanic crater
As erupted magma blobs that partly congeal before falling to the ground
High viscosity and dissolved gas
High viscosity; low dissolved gas content
Low silica content, low viscosity
Blocks are broken fragments of solid rocks; bombs have smaller sizes than lapilli
Bombs are guided to Earth by laser beams; blocks fall anywhere
Bombs are ejected as magma lumps; blocks are ejected as solid fragments
Submarine, basaltic lava flows
Fissure eruptions; flood basalts fields
Explosive; rhyolitic, pyroclastic flows

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Geology Exam: Match The Following! Trivia Quiz 1 : Test Trivia

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