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Daily current affairs quiz.9

Daily current affairs quiz.9

Daily current affairs quiz.

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Who has been appointed as the special trade envoy of Australian Prime Minister?

Julia Gillard
Tony Abbott
Kevin Rudd

Who has recently launched a cashless and contactless instrument named 'e Rupi' for digital payment?

Narendra Modi
Piyush Goyal
Ashwini Vasihnaw

Who composed the theme song of India for Tokyo Paralympics 2020?

Deepa Malik
Sanjeev Singh
Varun Singh Bhati

Nelliyode Vasudevan Namboothiri, who dies recently, was associated with which dance form?


Who is the first Indian Javelin thrower to enter the finals of the Olympic Games?

Shivpal Singh
Vipin Kasana
Neeraj Chopra

Who has been appointed as the Prime Minister of Armenia?

Nikol Pashinyan
Artur Sargsyan
Aram Vardevanian

Who launched the initiative "Delhi@2047"?

Arvind Kejriwal
Narendra Modi
Raghav Chadha

Which Bank has recently launched a new feature "SIM BINDING" for its mobile banking customers?

Aryavart Bank
State Bank of India
Punjab National Bank

At which place, DefExpo-2022 is scheduled to be held?


In which state, "Har Hith Store" scheme has been launched recently?

Madhya Pradesh

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Daily current affairs quiz.9 : Test Trivia

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