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This Is Probably The Hardest Geology Test! 28

This Is Probably The Hardest Geology Test! 28

This Is Probably The Hardest Geology Test!

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It is unusual for to carry grains larger than sand.


If water is the transport medium of sediment, the grain size of sedimentary deposits most closely indicates the

Velocity of the water at the moment the sediment settled to the bottom
Geographic extent of the weathering source rock at outcrop
average velocity of the water from the time of erosion until deposition

The difference between breccia and conglomerate is that conglomerate

Possesses more angular grains than breccia
Is finer grained than breccia
Possesses more rounded grains than breccia

Ash, cinders, and blocks are all types of

Volcanoclastic X Lava flows debris
Lava flows

Volcanic Bombs are

Pyroclastic blocks that acquire aerodynamic shapes during flight out of the volcanic vent
Explosive bodies of lava with high volatile content
Cinders that explode upon impact with the ground

used in highly hazardous volcanoes to mitigate volcanic hazards via small controlled eruptions

Normal mid-ocean ridge activity
A submarine hot-spot located along a mid-ocean ridge
A submarine hot-spot located within the interior of a plate

Which national park is home to a large volcanic caldera formed through a very large explosive eruption 640,000 years ago?

Carlsbad Caverns

Olympus Mons, the largest known volcano in the Universe, is found and is an example on of a

Mars / shield
Mars / cinder cone
Venus / stratovolcano

Whether an eruption will primarily produce lava flows or pyroclastic debris is influenced by

The composition of the lava
The proportion of volatiles within the lava
All of the above

Explosive or voluminous eruptions may cause the volcano to collapse on the floor of the (now empty) magma chamber, producing a broad depression termed a


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This Is Probably The Hardest Geology Test! 28 : Test Trivia

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