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History 28

History 28


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Quiz Questions And Answers

Who were 'Jagirdars' during the reign of Akbar?

[A] Large estate owners
[B] Officials of state who were given jagir' in place of cash pay
[C] Revenue collectors
[D] Autonomous rulers under Akbar

Sultanates of Delhi have taken which of the following in their buildings from the medieval architecture?

[A] Mehrab
[B] Arched openings
[C] Decoration figures
[D] Gumbaj

Which one of the following was the cause of disintegration of the Mughal Empire?

[A] War of succession among sons of Aurangzeb
[B] Attacks of Nadir Shah and Ahmad Shah Abdali
[C] Revolts of various communities like Jats, Sikhs, Rajputs etc.
[D] All of the above mentioned factors contributed to the downfall of the Mughal Empire.

Who was the famous Deccan Hindu king whose fleet crossed the Bay of Bengal with an army and conquered a number of states in Sumatra, Java and Malaysia?

[A] Rajendra Chola
[B] Rajaraja I
[C] Pulakesin
[D] Mahipala II

What was the important reason for fall of Vijayanagar Empire?

[A] Unity among the Muslim rulers
[B] Internal instability and weakness of Princes
[C] Moplah's rebellion
[D] Economic bankruptcy

During the Aurangzeb's reign, which of the following were not included in his government?

[A] Mehrab
[B] Marathas
[C] Pathans
[D] All of these

The sculpture with the three faces of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh known as 'Trimurti' appears in

[A] Ajanta Caves
[B] Elephanta Caves
[C] Ellora Caves
[D] Kalva Caves

The purpose of Mahmud Ghaznavi's attack on India was

[A] to plunder the wealth of India
[B] to spread Islam in India
[C] to rule over the territories of India
[D] None of these

'Mansabdars' in Mughal period were

[A] Landlords and zamindars
[B] Officials of the state
[C] Those who had to give revenue
[D] Revenue collectors

The earnings of the kings in the Medieval age were mostly derived from

[A] Offerings made at the temples
[B] Trade
[C] Land revenue
[D] Industrial production

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History 28 : Test Trivia

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