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Which Twilight Character Are You Quiz

Which Twilight Character Are You Quiz

Which twilight character are you. Do you think you are a fan of Twilight Spa, then this quiz is meant for you. Play the quiz which Twilight character am I? The Twilight Saga is a series of five romance fantasy films from Summit Entertainment based on the four novels by author Stephenie Meyer.

Which Twilight Character Are You Personality Test


  1. Bella Swan: The protagonist of the series, Bella is a teenage girl who moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father. She is quiet and introverted, but also very intelligent and perceptive. Bella becomes deeply involved with the vampires in the town, especially Edward Cullen.

  2. Edward Cullen: Edward is a vampire who is over a hundred years old. He is the adoptive son of Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and is deeply in love with Bella. Edward is a complex character who struggles with his desire to protect Bella and his own violent nature as a vampire.

  3. Jacob Black: Jacob is a Quileute Indian who becomes Bella's friend and later develops feelings for her. He is also a werewolf, and is part of a pack that protects the town from vampire attacks.

  4. Alice Cullen: Alice is Edward's adoptive sister and is also a vampire. She has the ability to see into the future, which makes her an invaluable asset to the Cullen family.

  5. Rosalie Hale: Rosalie is another member of the Cullen family, and is also a vampire. She is beautiful and vain, but also fiercely protective of her family.

  6. Carlisle Cullen: Carlisle is the patriarch of the Cullen family and is a compassionate and caring doctor who works at the local hospital.

  7. Esme Cullen: Esme is Carlisle's wife and the mother figure of the Cullen family. She is kind and nurturing, and has a deep love for her family.

  8. Jasper Hale: Jasper is a member of the Cullen family and is also a vampire. He has the ability to manipulate the emotions of those around him, which makes him a valuable asset in battles against other vampires.

  9. Victoria: Victoria is a vampire who seeks revenge against Edward and his family after they killed her mate. She is cunning and ruthless, and poses a serious threat to Bella and the Cullen family throughout the series.

  10. James: James is a tracker vampire who is employed by Victoria to hunt down Bella. He is sadistic and enjoys inflicting pain on his victims.

Which Twilight Character Are You Quiz

The Twilight commission has been credited for giving people the cool and attractive version of vampires on television, paving the way for more vampire and werewolf shows. It gave us the likes of Edward and Jacob. Well, find out your Twilight character with this quiz! The Twilight Saga is one of the most popular book-turned-movie commissions in the world. Have you ever wondered who you would be? Are you a vampire-like Edward, a human-like Bella, or a wolf-like Jacob? Let's find out! “The Twilight Saga” is back on Netflix, which means it’s time to re-enter a world of vampires, werewolves and love triangles. You might find that this mysterious world is much more interesting than our mundane lives. Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if you did find yourself in this supernatural commission? Take this quiz to find out which character you would be in “Twilight!” Which Twilight Character Are You? The commission has 27 characters in total. So, it is confusing for some to find out which one they reverberate with. The following quiz helps you discover what Twilight character is similar to you. So, you can choose your soulmate based on their overall characteristics and behaviours. Bella Swan She is the protagonist of the stories. Bella is the daughter of Charlie Swan, who is the Chief of Police in Forks. Edward Cullen Edward portrays himself. He is a strong vampire with telepathic abilities, which grant him to read others’ minds—without even touching them. People call him a charming but rather weird person. Jacob Black Living as an Alpha werewolf, Jacob is an attractive, cool, and cheerful person. However, his personality changes throughout the story, making him a more respectful, cautious, and caring person. The quiz does not own any of the images used in the ‘Which Twilight Character Are You?

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You May Get Result Of Which Twilight Character Are You Quiz

You are Bella Swan - Twilight Character, You doubt yourself but you are far more amazing then you can realize. Compassionate and brave, you create your own path.
You are Bella Swan - Twilight Character, You doubt yourself but you are far more amazing then you can realize. Compassionate and brave, you create your own path.
You are Edward Collen - Twilight Character, A tortured soul but you have an amazing capacity to love and be kind. You are romantic by heart.
You are Emmett Collen - Twilight Character, Cheerful and charming. You love to make friends and your friends love you.

Quiz Questions And Answers

You have been given the gift of immortality. What would you do?

Learn the musical instruments
Travel the world
Study different fields

Someone you love is in trouble. How do you handle it?

Someone you love is in trouble. How do you handle it?
I will act rashly
I will handle them

On sunny Saturday, what would you prefer to do?

Listen music
Going on a hike

Which common misconception people have about you?

I value my privacy a lot
I dont have care in the world
I am confident

What do you feel about children?

I absolutely adore them
They are fine if mine
This is not my cup of tea

Other than Twilight, which pop culture is your favorite?

The Vampire Diaries
True Blood
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Choose the word that describes you?

Fun loving

What is your greatest weakness?

I listen to my heart
I can be stubborn
I have trouble saying what I feel

What do you look in a partner?

Kind and romantic
Someone who brighten my life
Someone who is not afraid to speak his mind

Do you believe soul mate exists?

I think we select people we love

Do you blend with crowd easily?


Do you forge your own path?

No, I work as a team

At times, do you doubt yourself?


Do you think you are brave?

No, i am charismatic

Are you indecisive about own feelings?


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Which Twilight Character Are You Quiz : Test Trivia

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