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Which 'Pocahontas' Character Are You?

Have you watched Pocahontas? Today’s the day to choose your path and finally discover which Pocahontas character you are! Answer this quiz and we'll tell you!
The charisma of animation movies has grasped the audience too much. Sometimes we get into the movies too deep that we visualize ourselves as one of their character. In the vast list of fascinating animated movies, one of them is Pocahontas. Pocahontas is a 1995 animated musical romantic flick produced by Walt Disney and 33rd Disney animated movie. The different characters were introduced in the movie. The main protagonist of this movie is Pocahontas. She is tall and slender with tan skin, long black hairs and dark brown eyes. She is displayed as a very noble, humble and divine woman. She is very kind to the people around her. She adores her homeland and loves to go on adventures. She has some super powers to communicate with nature and spirits and understands unknown languages. The other character of the movie is John smith who is very brave, loving and selfless. He is very muscular with shoulder length blond hairs and blue eyes. Kocoum is introduced as the Native American warrior. He is also muscular with tan skin and brown eyes and always seen barefooted. Meeko is a slender and small raccoon with gray fur. He is very sly, greedy and steal from everyone. He is not a trustworthy character in the movie. Governor Ratcliffe is the main antagonist of the movie who is very greedy, selfish and cruel. So get back to quiz section. Now you want to know which Pocahontas character are you in real. Then answer the quiz properly and find out

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Quiz Questions And Answers

My heart
My stomach
My family
My head
Yes! All the time!
I love it but food is not everything
I don't care so much as long as i'm satisfied
Making money
Eating good food
Spending time with my family
Making new friends
Relax in the sun
Explore my city
Read a good book
Enjoy ice-cream
Always, i do
I'm trying to
I don't have time to do that

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Which 'Pocahontas' Character Are You? : Test Trivia

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