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history 10


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Quiz Questions And Answers

[A] Primary creation
[B] Secondary creation
[C] Genealogies of gods
[D] Arithmetic
[A] Vasumitra
[B] Vajramitra
[C] Pushyamitra
[D] Agnimitra
[A] Rig Veda
[B] Yajur Veda
[C] Sama Veda
[D] Atharva Veda
[A] three boards
[B] four boards
[C] five boards
[D] six boards
[A] The Minor Rock Edicts
[B] The two Kalinga Edicts
[C] Arthasastra
[D] Indica
[A] Hunas
[B] Rashtrika
[C] Mangols
[D] Bhojakas
[A] 1000 hymns
[B] 1028 hymns
[C] 500 hymns
[D] 2000 hymns
[A] Weaving
[B] Agriculture
[C] Trade
[D] Seafaring

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history 10 : Test Trivia

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