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Big Bang Project Quiz 3

Big Bang Project Quiz 3

Big Bang Project Quiz

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What did James Peebles work on along with Robert Dicke?

Discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background
Searching for dark matter.
Classifying stars
Classifying galaxies.

What was Christian Doppler's Theory?

A sun centered universe.
Stellar nucleosis
Thermal expansion of rheostatic polymerase
Apparant chage of freqency of a wave emitted by a moving source.

What is a Pulsar?

Interactive star chart
Neutron star
Proton star

Ralph Alpher was a big supporter of which theory.

Theory of relativity.
Big Bang Theory
Steady State Theory
Theory of evolution.

What type of stars did Henrietta Leavitt discover?

Red dwarf stars.
Variable stars
Giant blue stars.

What did Martin Ryle create?

Radio Astronomy
Radio Telescope
Radio Antennas
Radio background

What did Walter Baade find out that supported the Big Bang Theory?

Found out that the universe was double the size and age compared to what was originally thought.
He discovered the planet Uranus while looking out with a telescope.
He discovered that our galaxy was simply one of many.
He discovered that atomic spectra could be used to determine the composition of the stars.

What does the Big Bang theory say the universe did first?

Cooled and expanded
Cooled and contracted
Warmed and expanded
Warmed and expanded
Warmed and contracted.

What did William Fowler win the Nobel Prize for?

Composition of an auditory experience that moved the masses.
Discovering chemicals that cured polio.
Studying nuclear reaction that lead to the present elemental composition.
Discovering radioactive isotopes allowing us to date the age of the world.

Who did Milton Humason work with for many years?

Albert Michelson
Margaret Huggins
Edwin Hubble

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