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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Cosmology quiz 19

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Cosmology quiz 19

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Cosmology

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The more similarities two organisms share, the more recently they shared a/an

Derived characters

Genetically engineered plants will

Not need insecticides
Not improve their yield
Reduce the use of fertilizers
Be resistant to chemicals that kill insects

Animals that can reproduced by fragmentation are


Leaves are structures specialized to

Protect seeds
Absorb minerals
Transport water
Carryout photosynthesis

A human's arm, a cat's front leg, a dolphin's front flipper, and a bat's wing

Have nothing in common
Are used in similar ways
Have similar kinds of bones
Share many similarities with insect's wings

Photoperiodism occurs when the plant responds to

Changes in day's length

A/an is a method of grouping organisms together according to their evolutionary history.

Dichotomous key
Biological classification
Evolutionary classification

The fact that all organisms have DNA as their genetic material is evidence that

Natural selection occured
Genetic resistance rarely occured
Organisms have adapted to their environment
All organisms descended from a common ancestor

Which of the following sequences shows the correct hierarchy of classification, going from the most inclusive to the least inclusive?

Genus, species, kingdom, phylum, order, family, class
Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
Phylum, kingdom, genus, species, family, order, class
Species, genus, family, class, order, phylum, kingdom

The fossil record shows

How species originated
How evolution occured
How dead organisms were buried
How organisms changed overtime

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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Cosmology quiz 19 : Test Trivia

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