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Which Citrus Character Are You? Citrus Character Quiz Anime

Which Citrus Character Are You?  Citrus Character Quiz Anime

This quiz what kind of Citrus series character you are.

I hope you enjoy this quiz that will take you to the next level of loving Citrus! Everyone who plays this quiz share their results with their friends. Below are some Citrus characterCharacters Yuzu Aihara. Mei Aihara. Matsuri Mizusawa. Harumi Taniguchi. Characters. Mitsuko Taniguchi. Shō Aihara. Sara Tachibana. Amamiya C Characters Characters D Category:Deceased F Category:Female H Harumi Taniguchi Harumi Taniguchi Himeko Momokino Himeko Momokino I Ichika Ichika K Kana and Manami Kana and Manami Kayo Maruta Kayo Maruta M Category:Main Characters Category:Male Matsuri Mizusawa Matsuri Mizusawa Mayu Mayu Mei Aihara Mei Aihara Mei's Grandfather Mei's Grandfather Mineko Fuji Mineko Fuji Mitsuko Taniguchi Mitsuko Taniguchi Category:Momokino Family N Nene Nomura Nene Nomura Nina Tachibana Nina Tachibana Category:Non Aihara Academy P Pucchi Pucchi S Sara Tachibana Sara Tachibana Shō Aihara Shō Aihara Category:Student Council Category:Supporting Characters Suzuran Shiraho Suzuran Shiraho T Category:Taniguchi Family U Udagawa Udagawa Y Yuzu Aihara Yuzu Aihara Yuzubocchi Yuzubocchi

Citrus is a Japanese yuri manga series written and illustrated by Saburouta. The series was serialized in Ichijinsha's Comic Yuri Hime from November 2012 to August 2018 and is licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment. A 12-episode anime television series adaptation by Passione aired between January and March 2018.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Get away from one I love
Scare them away
Observe them closely

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Which Citrus Character Are You? Citrus Character Quiz Anime : Test Trivia

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