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Game and sports 28

Game and sports 28


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Quiz Questions And Answers

Name of the Indian swimmer who Wins Gold in Singapore National Swimming Championships.

A. Rehan Poncha
B. Sajan Prakash
C. Virdhawal Khade
D. Sandeep Sejwal

Who won the gold in the junior men's rapid fire pistol at 28th Meeting of Shooting Hopes international championship?

A. Anish Bhanwala
B. Anhad Jawanda
C. Matej Rampula
D. Adarsh Singh

What is the position of India in the FIH rankings?

A. 7th
B. 4th
C. 5th
D. 8th

How many new events have to be added to the 2022 Beijing Winter Games?

A. 11
B. 7
C. 5
D. 4

ICC, organised the 'Sano Cricket Curry Festival' in which city?

A. Sano
B. Tokyo
C. Shinjuku
D. Hong Kong

A facial recognition system using artificial intelligence will be used at which of the following event?

A. ISSF World Cup Shooting
B. 18th Asian games
C. 33 Winter Olympics
D. 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games

Name of the Football Player who has been named as the as captain of Barcelona?

A. Philippe Coutinho
B. Arturo Vidal
C. Lionel Messi
D. Luis Suarez

Name the girl who became India's latest Woman Grandmaster (WGM) recently.

A. R Vaishali
B. M Swetha
C. Pinky Reddy
D. Pihu Chawla

Who has been appointed as head coach of the women's national cricket team till the ICC World T20?

A. Sunil Gavaskar
B. Rahul Dravid
C. Ramesh Powar
D. Tushar Arothe

Which Indian cricketer scripted history by scoring more than 6000 career runs?

A. Harminder Kaur
B. Mithali Raj
C. Smriti Mandana
D. Shafali Verma

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Game and sports 28 : Test Trivia

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