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Scott and game 25

Scott and game 25


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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which among the following is played on a synthetic hard court?

A. French Open
B. Wimbledon
C. US open
D. Australia open

Sachin Tendulkar hit his 100th international century against which among the following team?

A. Sri Lanka
B. Bangladesh
C. Pakistan
D. South Africa

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is related to which among the following Sports?

A. Badminton
B. Hockey
C. Table Tennis
D. Golf

Who is named as 'Captain of the year' in the 10th annual ESPNcricinfo Awards?

A. Quinton de Kock
B. Virat Kohli
C. Hayley Williams
D. Ben Stokes

Dhanraj Pillay is related to which sports?

A. Cricket
B. Hockey
C. Table Tennis
D. Football

How long does a basketball game last?

A. 35 min
B. 55 min
C. 1 hr 15 min
D. 48 min

Diameter of a Ping Pong Ball?

A. 37 mm
B. 38 mm
C. 40 mm
D. 42 mm

Which of the following team has won the 37th and final edition of the Hockey Champions Trophy at Breda, the Netherlands?

A. India
B. Australia
C. Brazil
D. The Netherlands

Neeraj Chopra is associated with

A. Hockey
B. Tennis
C. Wrestling
D. Javelin Throw

Dizzy is the nickname of what Australian player

A. Adam Gilchrist
B. Jason Gillespie
C. Glenn McGrath
D. Brett Lee

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Scott and game 25 : Test Trivia

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