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Games and sports 23

Games and sports  23


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Quiz Questions And Answers

When was the First Modern Olympic Games played?

A. 1891
B. 1900
C. 1856
D. 1896

Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles are the events contested in which sport?

A. Swimming
B. Fencing
C. Wrestling
D. Tennis

From which year the World Military Games have started?

A. 1995
B. 1998
C. 2000
D. 2003

Which cricketer had bowled the underarm ball to deny New Zealand victory Day International?

A. Greg Chappell
B. lan Chappell
C. Trevor Chappell
D. Steve Waugh

In first ever Cricket World Cup final, 5 batsmen of Australia got out in the same manner. How?

A. Caught Behind
B. Stumped
C. Clean Bowled
D. Run Out

Which cricketer's popularity was so much that his wedding was broadcast live on the government television throughout the country?

A. Clive Lloyd
B. Vivian Richards
C. Michael Holding
D. Malcolm Marshal

Who played Batman against Jack Nicholson?

A. Val Kilmer
B. Michael Keaton
C. Tommy Lee Jones
D. Nicholas Cage

How many countries were participated in first Olympics held at Athens in 1896?

A. 13
B. 14
C. 15
D. 16

What is the distance to be covered in Marathon Race?

A. 25 Miles and 385 yards
B. 24Miles and 392 yards
C. 27 miles only
D. 26 miles and 385 yards

Who has become the first cricketer from Bangladesh to be inducted in the MCC World Cricket Committee under the chairmanship of Mike Gatting?

A. Mahmudullah
B. Tamim Iqbal
C. Mashrafe Mortaza
D. Shakib Al Hasan

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Games and sports 23 : Test Trivia

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