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sports and games 17

sports and games 17

games and sports

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The National Game of Japan is

A. Tennis
B. Base ball
C. Ice Hockey
D. Sumo wrestling

The National Game of India is

A. Cricket
B. Football
C. Tennis
D. Hockey

The game of hockey originated in

A. France
B. Canada
C. England
D. Germany

Dhyan Chand National stadium is in

A. Kolkata
B. Bombay
C. Delhi
D. Patiala

Beighton cup is associated with

A. Foot ball
B. Hockey
C. Volley ball
D. Basket ball

The first man to swim across the Palk straits is

A. Roger Benister
B. Arthur Ashe
C. Milkha Singh
D. Mihir Sen

World's most ancient game is

A. Boxing
B. Running
C. Wrestling
D. Swimming

Eden Gardens in Kolkata is stadium.

A. Roger Benister
B. Cricket
C. Polo
D. Swimming

Eden Gardens in Kolkata is stadium.

A. Football
B. Cricket
C. Polo
D. Weight Lifting

First Indian woman to win WTA singles title is

A. Rooth George
B. Saina Nehwal
C. Sania Mirza
D. Gayathri Krishna

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sports and games 17 : Test Trivia

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