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Sport and games 12

Sport and games  12

Sport and games

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Football was first time played in which country?

A. Brazil
B. India
C. Spain
D. England

What type of race is the Tour de France?

A. Bicycle Race
B. Bike Race
C. Car Race
D. Drag Race

In which year, did the volley ball enter the olympics?

A. 1965
B. 1964
C. 1966
D. 1970

Ryder Cup associated with which sports?

A. Football
B. Tennis
C. Badminton
D. Golf

The term 'Bishop' in sports is related to?

A. Chess
B. Hockey
C. Badminton
D. Cricket

Bull Fighting is the national game of which country?

A. Italy
B. Poland
C. Spain
D. Sudan

Where is the Wanderers Test Cricket ground located?

A. Colombo
B. Melbourne
C. Auckland
D. Johannesburg

Which of the following Trophies is related to the game of 'football'?

A. Mumbai
B. Everest Cup
C. Merdeka Cup
D. V.C.C. Cup

The highest paid footballer of the world is

A. Cristino Ronaldo
B. Roni
C. Lionel Messi
D. Kaka

The first Indian to win PGA title of golf is

A. Arjun Atwal
B. Jeev Milkha
C. Both Joint
D. None of these

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Sport and games 12 : Test Trivia

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