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The Acidic Life!

The Acidic Life!

Acids- commonly we know that acids are harmful but this is not correct all the time so lets start know how acidic our life is and how useful they are!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which acid we use every day in our food through vegetables?


Which acid provides us vitamin C?

Ascorbic acid
Malic acid
Tartaric acid

Which acid prevents our body from diarrhea?

Lactic acid
Tartaric acid

Which acid found in Apple?

Lactic acid
Tartaric acid
Malic acid

Which acid found in lemon?

Mlic acid
Tartaric acid
Citric acid

Which acid is used in making wine making?

Lactic acid
Tartaric acid
Oxalic acid

Which acid help's in digestion of food?

HCL acid
folic acid
Malic acid

Which reaction takes place when acid reacts with base ?

Endothermic reaction
Exothermic reaction
Neutralisation reaction

Which acid helps in losing weight?

Tartaric acid
Oxalic acid
Folic acid

Which acid helps in building proteins in body?

Hcl acid
Amino acid
Both A and B

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The Acidic Life! : Test Trivia

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