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Sport and games 10

Sport and games 10

Sport and games

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The term Grand Slam is associated with

A. Billiards
B. Cricket
C. Chess
D. Bridge & Tennis

How many squares are there in a Chess Board?

A. 36
B. 48
C. 64
D. 72

Olympic Games are organised after a gap of every

A. two years
B. three years
C. four years
D. five years

FIFA is an organization working in the field of

A. Banking
B. Textiles
C. Power Generation
D. Sports

What is the distance of running in a marathon race?

A. 26 miles 385 yards
B. 26 miles 405 yards
C. 26 miles 180 yards
D. 26 miles

B.C.Roy Trophy is associated with which sports?

A. Cricket
B. Football
C. Chess
D. Bridge & Tennis

Which of the following terms is not related with the game of Hockey?

A. Short grip
B. Hook
C. Slice
D. Short Corner

Who among the following cricketers holds the record of highest run?

A. Saeed Anwar
B. Brian Lara
C. Sachin Tendulkar
D. Viv Richards

Who is named as the Flying Sikh of India?

A. Ajit Pal Singh
B. Milkha Singh
C. Joginder Singh
D. Moninder Singh

"Federation Cup" in India is associated with which game?

A. Cricket
B. Football
C. Chess
D. Badminton

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Sport and games 10 : Test Trivia

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