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Sport and games 7

Sport and games 7


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Quiz Questions And Answers

Mithir Sen is associated with

A. Chairman JOC
B. Swimming
C. Volley ball
D. Weighlifting

Aparna Popet is associated with

A. Cricket
B. Hockey
C. Badminton
D. Boxing

Karnam Malleswari is associated with

A. Football
B. Cricket
C. Hockey
D. Weight Lifting

Oval stadium in England is associated with

A. polo
B. Cricket
C. Hockey
D. Football

Wankhede Stadium is located at

A. New Delhi
B. Chennai
C. Mumbai
D. Kolkata

Yankee Stadium in Newyork is associated with

A. polo
B. Cricket
C. Baseball
D. Weight Lifting

Ranji Trophy is associated with

A. Hockey
B. Cricket
C. Tennis
D. Boxing

Who are Kangaroos?

A. Bangladesh
B. Kenya
C. South Africa
D. Australia

The ASIAD is held every

A. 3 years
B. 4years
C. 5 years
D. 6 years

Sundararajan Kidambi is associated with

A. Chess
B. Cricket
C. Athletics
D. Hockey

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Sport and games 7 : Test Trivia

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