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Physic's World.

Physic's World.

We all know about physic.since from earlier classes we read and get informed about it.So here lets check our understandings about some specific topics

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Quiz Questions And Answers

in physics how many types of mirrors we have?

3 types
2 types
4 types

In which mirror lateral inversion takes place?

Concave mirror
Convex mirror
Plane mirror

which mirror gives wider field's of view?

Concave mirror
convex mirror
Both A and B

what is the focal length of the mirror?

Distance b/w centre and pole
Distance b/w focus and pole
non of these

Which lens is suggested by the doctor in myopia?

Concave lens
Convex lens
Spherical lens

which one is luminous object

All of these

Which one is non luminous object?


The focal length of mirror is equal to...

Tripple of radius
Half of radius
Double of radius

Which Mirror is used in motor vehicle?

Concave mirror
Convex mirror
Plane mirror

From where the Gravitational Force comes?


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Physic's World. : Test Trivia

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