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Quiz Questions And Answers

Maximum character EBCDIC can code

A. 8
B. 16
C. 64
D. 256


A. 6-bit coding system
B. 7-bit coding system
C. 8-bit coding system
D. None of these

Abbreviation of EDP

A. Electronic digital programming
B. Data content processing
C. Electronic Data Processing
D. 8-bit coding system

One or more identifying lines printed at the bottom of a page are referred as

A. Header
B. Footer
C. Index
D. None of these

Pick the odd one out.

A. Microsoft
C. Novell
D. Windows

Who is considered to be The Father of Artificial Intelligence?

A. Alan Turing
B. John McCarthy
C. George Boole
D. Allen Newell

Which of the following is an advantage to using fibre optics data transmission?

A. Resistance to data theft
B. Fast data transmission rate
C. Few transmission errors
D. Low noise level

The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are

A. Syntax errors
B. Internal errors
C. Semantic errors
D. Logical errors

Full form of TCP is

A. Transmission control program
B. Totalling control program
C. Transmission control protocol
D. Total control Protocol

Select the smallest memory size

A. Terabyte
B. Gigabyte
C. Kilobyte
D. Megabyte

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Computer 7 : Test Trivia

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