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Boiler Exam 1c Minnesota: Quiz 18

Boiler Exam 1c Minnesota: Quiz 18

Boiler Exam 1c Minnesota

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Quiz Questions And Answers

92what three things are required to support combustion?

fuel, an arc, and time
fuel, heat, and oxygen
fuel, an arc, and temperature

93 what can result if condensate is picked up with the steam as it travels through the main steam branch lines?

steam bound piping
water hammer
steam line will be cooler

What should be displayed in the boiler room

Vacation schedule, chemicals used, and insurance papers
Boiler operator lecense, certificat of inspeciton or exemption state inspector private ins

You are operating a 40 horsepower high pressure boiler, how often will it be checked?

8 hr
16 hr
24 hr
2 hr

How often do you need to check a 20 horse power high pressure boiler

16 hrs
24 hrs
40 hrs

what valve is used when steam flows in under the seat up and out the outlet

check valve
a back flow preventer
globe valve
gate valve

fuel oxygen and heat are required to start and sustain a fire


what is required by statute, by the state of Minnesota, boiler inspection division for all boiler rooms?

a current inspection certificates and proper boiler engineer license
a R stamp
a boiler certificate

on a steam boiler system, shat is the first thing a boiler operator should do when entering a boiler room?

blow down the boiler
check the water level in the boiler
check the fire in the combustion

what are used to direct the flow of gases through out the boiler?

combustion controls
fire tubes

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Boiler Exam 1c Minnesota: Quiz 18 : Test Trivia

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