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Driving License Test! Quiz 7

Driving License Test! Department Of Motor Vehicles

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Stop immediately in the intersection until it passes
Pull to the right in the intersection and stop
Continue through the intersection, pull to the right, and stop
School zone ahead
A traffic signal ahead
A Construction zone ahead
For the first few minutes
After it has been raining for a few hours
After it has stopped raining
Looking over your shoulder
Using the inside and outside mirrors only
Checking all mirrors and turning your head
Use the "two second" following distance rule
Drive one car-length behind the care ahead
Increase the distance between your vehicle and the car ahead
Only if a reduced speed limit sign is posted.
Monitor the working of the school.
Prepare and recommend a school development plan.
Monitor the utilization of the grants.
All of the above
Maintain regularity and punctuality in attending school
Conduct and complete the curriculum in time.
Assess the learning ability of each child
All of the above
Make child free from fear, trauma, and anxiety
Be child-centered and provide learning activities.
The medium of instruction has to be in the mother tongue, as far as possible.
All of the above.
Stop light
Light is about to turn green
Stop sign

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Driving License Test! Quiz 7 : Test Trivia

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