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Which Brave Character Am I?

Which Brave Character Am I?

Brave is a 2012 American computer-animated fantasy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It was directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman and co-directed by Steve Purcell. The story is by Chapman, with the screenplay by Andrews, Purcell, Chapman and Irene Mecchi. The film was produced by Katherine Sarafian, with John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, and Pete Docter as executive producers. The film\\\'s voice cast features Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, Robbie Coltrane, Kevin McKidd, and Craig Ferguson. Set in the Scottish Highlands, the film tells the story of Princess Merida of DunBroch who defies an age-old custom, causing chaos in the kingdom by expressing the desire not to be betrothed. When Queen Elinor, her mother, falls victim to a beastly curse turning into a bear, Merida must look within herself and find the key to saving the kingdom. Merida is the first Disney Princess created by Pixar. The film is also dedicated to Steve Jobs, who died before the film\\\'s release. Brave is Pixar\\\'s first film with a female protagonist, and the first one animated with a new proprietary animation system, named Presto.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Pick a cool animal sidekick

A wolf
A bear
A horse

What do you hate the most?

Getting up early
Tidying my room

What's most important to you?

My honour
My freedom
My family

Pick a delicious Scottish dish

Tattie Scones
Cullen Skink (Fish soup)

Choose a funny-sounding Scottish place

Butt of Lewis

How do you feel about getting married?

I should get married if I want to make my family proud
Yuck no way, I'm far too young!
Eh, not bothered

Choose a cool historical Scot

Mary Queen of Scots
William Wallace

How would you spend an ideal day?

Embroidering a tapestry
Riding through the forest practising archery
Fighting and hanging out with my mates

Are you the oldest of youngest in your family?

I'm in the middle

Choose a weapon

Bow and arrow
Magic wand

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Which Brave Character Am I? : Test Trivia

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