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Religion quiz

Religion quiz


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Quiz Questions And Answers

When will Imam Mehndi be revealed to the world?

eid day
in the month of ramadan
in muharram
Shav e Meraj Ki Raat

What is the ruling on drinking water standing up?

leftover water
River water
Do not know

Who will be the Sardar of the young heaven?

H. Ali R.Z.
H hamza razi 0
H. Imam Hassan and H. Imam Hussein R.J.
H. Usman Ghani R.Z.

Who will be the chieftain of old heaven?

H. Umar Farooq and H. Usman Ghani Reg.
H. Abubakar Siddiq and H. Umar R.J.
H. Abubakar Siddiq and H. Umar R.J.
H. Ali and H. Umar R.Z.

Who will be the chieftain of women in paradise

H. Fatima Razi
H Ayesha Regd.
H Khadija Razi 0
H. Umm Kulsoom Reg.

Who will marry the woman of heaven in heaven?

from angels
from jinns
from worldly husband
from a good husband

Whose Hujra is Mubarak's grave?

H. Fatima Razi
H Ayesha Regd
H Khadija Razi 0
H Zainab Razi 0

What is Hifz of Quran Majeed

farz e kifaya

Who will be put in the fire of hell first?

to shirk
to Alim
to the innocent
to the infidel

Apart from VV, whom is it worth to have sex with?

divorced from
from unmarried woman
from a disobedient woman
from slave

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Religion quiz : Test Trivia

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