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Dirty Mind Quiz

Dirty Mind Quiz

Dirty Mind Quiz - Try some fun questions on dirty mind quiz

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You Have Dirty Mind
You can Say - You Have Dirty Mind
Yeah - You Have Dirty Mind
Everyone Say that - You Have Dirty Mind

Quiz Questions And Answers

You're waiting in line at the coffee shop and your order number is 69. Your immediate reaction is...

I start laughing to myself.
I worry how far I am down the order queue.
I start fantasizing about being in that scenario.

What do you see in the picture?

A carrot
A shy carrot
A carrot trying to hide its privates

Someone exclaims in public:“Wow, that's so big!"You say...

“Heh, that’s what she said.”
“You can touch it, it won’t hurt you.”
Uh, phrasing?”

How did a person become famous?

She’s hot.
She was a socialite amongst famous people.
She was in a sex tape.

Have you ever sexted?

it's the best thing ever
Yeah, but I prefer the real thing

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