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What Would be the Best Wedding Theme for Me? Quiz

Stressed about your big day? Can't even decide the wedding theme? Let this quiz choose your wedding theme for you!, What Would be the Best Wedding Theme for Me? Quiz

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Quiz Questions And Answers

As many as we can!
Just our family and friends who share the same interests as we do
Medium amount of people - family, extended family, friends, and friends of family
Coconut shells for the drinks
Flowers and vines and more flowers
Everything white
Fairy ornaments
Beach paradise
A best friend
A sibling
A co-worker
Someone else
A close friend
A sibling
A work friend
Someone else
A nephew/niece
My dog dressed as a dragon
A droid
An uncle
All day and night!
From midday until sunset
In the afternoon
At night time
Blue hair pins
Blue pendent
Blue flower crown
Blue flowers
White and red
Rustic colors
Blue and yellow
Floral colors
Folk music
Classical music
Dance party music
Jazz music

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What Would be the Best Wedding Theme for Me? Quiz : Test Trivia

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