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Science gerenal knowledge quiz 8

Science gerenal knowledge quiz 8


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Quiz Questions And Answers

An adult human normally has

[A] 6 molar teeth
[B] 8 molar teeth
[C] 10 molar teeth
[D] 12 molar teeth

Chicken pox is caused by

[A] Protozoa
[B] Bacteria
[C] Virus
[D] Fungus

In onion food is stored in

[A] aerial stem
[B] root
[C] scale leaves
[D] bud

Which of the following provides energy for photosynthesis?

[A] Water
[B] Sunlight
[C] Chlorophyll
[D] Carbon dioxide

A disease caused by fungus is

[A] Round worm
[B] Ringworm
[C] Tapeworm
[D] Filaria

Rabies is caused by

[A] bacteria
[B] virus
[C] fungus
[D] algae

Which of the following is the best source of lodine?

[A] Algae
[B] Beans
[C] Radish
[D] Wheat

In a plant, the xylem tissue conducts:

[A] water
[B] food
[C] water and food
[D] None of these

The gas released during photosynthesis:

[A] Carbon dioxide
[B] Oxygen
[C] Carbon monoxide
[D] Sulphur dioxide

Blood pressure is high in the

[A] Ventricles
[B] Arteries
[C] Veins
[D] Auricles

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Science gerenal knowledge quiz 8 : Test Trivia

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