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Science Gerenal knowledge quiz 5

Science Gerenal knowledge quiz 5


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Quiz Questions And Answers

Heat from the sun comes on the earth by which process?

A. Radiation.
C. Insolation.
D.None of these.

Density of water is maximum at which temperature ?

A.100 degree celcius.
B. 4 degree celcius.
C.37 degree celcius.
D.None of these.

Boyle's law states that pressure is inversely proportional to ...........?

A. volume.
D.none of these.

what is the boiling point of water in kelvin scale?

A. 100 K.
B. 373 K
C.37 K.
D.273 K.

Name the metal which is extracted from seawater?

A. Magnesium.
C. lithium.
D.none of these.

What is the chemical name of washing soda?

A.sodium hydroxide.
B. carbon dioxide.
C. sodium Carbonate.
D.none of these.

In human body where is pituitary gland located?

A. Heart.
B. Brain.
C. Heart.
D. Stomach.

How many bones present in human ear ?

B, 6.
C. 10.

What is the normal blood pressure of human ?

A. 200/60 mm Hg.
B.150/80 mm Hg.
C. 120/90 mm Hg.
D.120/80 mm Hg.

Name the largest gland in human body ?

A. Heart.
B. Lungs.
C. Pancreas.
D. Liver.

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Science Gerenal knowledge quiz 5 : Test Trivia

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