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Science Gerenal knowledge quiz 4

Science Gerenal knowledge quiz 4


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Quiz Questions And Answers

Defect of eye 'Astimagtism' is corrected by using which lens ?

A.Convex lens.
B.Concave lens.
C. Cylindrical lens.
D.None of these.

What is the least distance of distict vision for human eye ?

A.20 cm.
B.30 cm.
C.25 cm.
D.none of these.

Which element is present in all acids ?

A. Hydrogen.
C. lithium.
D.none of these.

which element is best conductor of electricity?

A. Silver
C. iron.
D.none of these.

Dry ice is also called....?

A.solid carbon dioxide.
B.liquid carbon dioxide.
C.gas carbon dioxide.
D.none of these.

on which parameter kinetic energy of a body depends?

A. both mass and velocity.
C.force and velocity.
D.none of these.

laser light all the atoms emit the light waves of ........?

A. same pressure.
B. Same frequency
C. same amplitude.
D.same magnitude.

Which rays are emits by radioactive element?

A.postive and negative particles.
B. only alpha particle.
C. alpha, beta and gamma rays.
D.none of these.

By which principle of science oil drop is spreads over water?

A.Due to Upward thrust.
B. Due to reflections
C. Due to surface tension.
D.Due to downward pressure.

what is called as upward force acting on floating body?

A.surface tension.
C. polarization.
D.none of these.

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Science Gerenal knowledge quiz 4 : Test Trivia

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