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Quiz: Which Nanatsu no taizai Character are you?

Quiz: Which Nanatsu no taizai Character are you?

This quiz will determine which Nanatsu no Taizai Character you are. Play Which Nanatsu no taizai Character are you? and find out yours character. So which nana tsu character are you? Are you the captain of the seven deadly sins also the owner of the renowned tavern borhut. Yes I am talking about the main protagonist of the series Meliodas. Maybe your personality matches with the Diane who belonged from the giant clan, generally thus much larger than others. There are several other characters in nanatsu like Merlin, Elaine, oslo. Your personality can be matched with anybody. So let's try to find out this by playing this entertaining quiz. Let's play..!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

I am never wrong
I will avenge them
Who dare to touch my loved ones
I am too lazy
Laze around
Cook good food
Do some adventurous thing
I will try to resolve peacefully
I will become aggressive
I will do some good deeds to resolve
I don't like it
Who will try to dominate me?
I am aggressive enough to hit back
I am to lazy to do that
Yeah! I do at times
No, I am lazy
Big Hammer
Non- Chunks
You get jealous at times
You are lazy
You get aggressive at times
Forget about it
Steal the object you love
Be anxious about it
Think of you as a leader and laze around
Show your leadership skills
Convince to work together and never give up
I am friendly towards my friends.
I am selfish but I try to protect others
I lack knowledge but I am learning

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Quiz: Which Nanatsu no taizai Character are you? : Test Trivia

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