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Communication quiz

Communication quiz

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Listening to a lecture is

Information listening
Evaluative listening
Emphatic listening

Listening is badly affected by

High speed of speaking
A sizeable hearing loss physiological problem
Message overload excess of listened material

Whic of the following is not a successful communicator

One who presents material in precise and clear way
One who knows alot but is somewhat reserve in his attitude
None of the above

Closed circuit television is useful

For large group communication
Only for poor students
Only for restricted audience residing at place

Which of the following teachers will you like the most

One who amuses his students

Which of the following methods of communication is the most effective

Multi media method
Presenting written material
Can not be determined.

All are the components of listening except

Attending being attentive

All are the examples of the media of two way communication except

Public meeting

Visualization in the instructional process can not increase

Stress and boredom
Interests and motivation
Retention and adaption

The latest developments in the hardware technology is the introduction of

M channels
Z channels
FM channels

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Communication quiz : Test Trivia

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