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School and classroom management quiz

School and classroom management quiz

Into the management world of all the school and classroom

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The main purpose of the supervision of teaching should be the

Proper utilisation of school facilities
Carrying out of the curriculum
Advancement of pupil welfare

Supervision sould be primarily

Construction and creative
Preventive and corrective
Construction and critical

The basic purpose of supervision is to help

Teachers in dealing pupil
Children learn more effectively
Teachers in improving methods

The elementary school teachers are directly responsible to the


The criticism most frequently leveled at school administration is that

They fail to provide leadership
They do not know teacher
They are to lazy

The school headmaster are expected to

Hold daily meeting
Prepare the budget
Put into operation the course of study

A supervisor is one who

Give Directions
Provides friendly help
Inspects classrooms

The effective supervision is indicated by

Good relations between teacher and supervisor
Helping teacher becoming more self sufficient
Helping teachers becoming more self sufficient
Helping teacher in their teaching

The school policy should be determined by

Citizen and educators

The chief responsibility of the principal is

Maintain school record
Handle disciplines problems
Provide leadership in instructional plan

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School and classroom management quiz : Test Trivia

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