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Responses to Climate Change Quiz.

Responses to Climate Change Quiz.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Following is the most widely discussed impact of climate change:

Increase in average sea level
Soil erosion
None of the above

Which of the following greenhouse gases has the biggest impact on climate change?

Water vapour
Carbon dioxide

Which sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in India?

Electric power generation

Which of these is NOT an expected effect of climate change?

Sea levels rising
Flooding in coastal cities
Expanding glaciers
Extreme weather

The Kyoto Protocol measures a state's greenhouse gas reductions against which baseline year?


Which country has the world's highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita?


What are the predicted effects of climate change?

All parts of the world will get warmer
There will be fewer extreme weather events, like cyclones and tornadoes
Some parts of the world will get warmer, others will get cooler
We cannot predict what will happen

What effect will climate change have on plant growth?

Plants will grow faster because of extra carbon dioxide
Plants will grow faster because of extra warmth
It will depend on the level of other nutrients and water in the soil
There will be no effect – there is already more carbon dioxide in the air than plants can use

Which of the following statements is true?

The loss of natural forests around the world contributes more to global emissions each year than the transport sector
More energy goes into making solar panels than they can produce in their lifetimes
Half the energy produced at coal-fired power stations is lost as heat

Which of these cause the greenhouse effect?

Excess of nitrogen in the atmosphere
Excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
Heat from cooking fires of ever-increasing population
None of the above

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Responses to Climate Change Quiz. : Test Trivia

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