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Happier than ever quiz

Happier than ever quiz

Grammy Award-winning and chart-topping artist Billie Eilish will make her Disney+ debut with "Happier than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles," a cinematic concert experience.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which singers Disney + debut is this movie

Billie Eilish
Billien elive
Bellie elvins

What is the renowned award that the singer has achieved in live

Best singer in decade award
Grammys award
Royal stag award.

What will the film feature in sequence

Animated tale
Intimate performance to every song
Intimate gestures of the songs

Who is the director of this film

Robert Rodriguez
Robert Reinge
Robert Albert Hall

Where is the singers hometown shown in the movie

Los Angeles
San Francisco
Los altos

Who is the world renowned brazilian artist involved in the film

Romeiso Lubana
Remoro Lucabo
Romero Lubambo

Who is the Live concert director of the film

Kerry Assmussen
Kerry ursoman
Kerry rudressen

The director of Photography for this particular film is

Pablo Picasso
Pablo Berron
Pablo euron

She pays a tribute to the star struck hauntedness of the city by this


What is the venue of the set of teh film

Hollywood castle
Hollywood clase
Hollywood Bowl

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Happier than ever quiz : Test Trivia

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