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The six sense

The six sense

These quiz is about The six sense movie

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What name did Julian pick for himself in Big Daddy movie?

Scuba Steve

What was in the box that was given to Kira's father in the six sense movie?

A Book
A video
A Letter
A Doll

The tagline " not every gift is a blessing" comes from which movie?

Jurassic park
The sixth sense
15 minutes

Who is the director of the six sense?

Woody Allen
Mark Herman
Jane Campion
M. Night shyamalan

What is the name of first ghost cole tries to help?

Kyla Collins
Kyra collins
Karen Collins
Kalee Collins

What does crowe tell cole to do to solve his ghost problem?

Run from them
Kill them
Help them
Let crowe take care of them

What is the name of man who shoots Malcolm Crowe in the sixth sense movie?

Vincent Black
Victor Gray
Vincent Gray
Victor Black

How long The sixth sense?

60 minutes
90 minutes
107 minutes
120 minutes

Who is the ghost in the sixth sense movie?

Bruce Willis
Cole sear
Vincent gray
None of these

is The six sense based on true story?


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The six sense : Test Trivia

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