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Quiz: DBMS Mock Tests on Database Design (Normal Forms).

Quiz: DBMS Mock Tests on Database Design (Normal Forms).

This quiz contains information about DBMS Mock Tests on Database Design (Normal Forms).

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Normalization is the process of ................. from a relation or set of relations.

minimizing inheritence
minimizing redundancy
reducing risk

Redundancy in relation may cause insertion, ............... and updation anomalies.


Normal forms are used to eliminate or .................... in database tables.

decremented object
increment object
reduce redundancy

Which normal form is used to eliminate the duplicate information?

The third normal form
The first normal form
The second normal form

When a basic objective of the first normal form defined by Codd?

in 1950
in 1960
in 1970

In RDBMS, different classes of relations are created using Normal Forms technique to prevent -

deliver code
supply elements
modification anomalies

A relation is in first normal form if every attribute in that relation is-

multi valued attribute.
singled valued attribute
triple valued attribute.

Who introduced the concept of normalization?


Which is the basic element needed for the constraints?


If proper subset of candidate key determines non-prime attribute, it is called-

legal dependency.
definite dependency
partial dependency

The concept of normalization is known as-

group form declaration
recall function
the first normal form

If every non-key attribute is functionally dependent on .................., then the relation is in Second normal form.

the lowest key
the secondary key
the primary key

Informally, a relational database relation is often described as ................, if it meets third normal form.


Which normal form is based on the concept of 'full functional dependency' is

Second Normal Form
First Normal Form
Fourth Normal Form

Most .................... are free of insertion, update, and deletion anomalies.

4MF relations
3NF relations
3TF relations

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Quiz: DBMS Mock Tests on Database Design (Normal Forms). : Test Trivia

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