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Which Black Mirror Character are You? Quiz

Which Black Mirror Character are You? Quiz

Black Mirror is a science fiction TV series set in the future that's insanely addictive - especially since it shows glimpses of what our future could look like - and it ain't all good. Take this quiz to see which character from Black Mirror you are - and how your fate looks like in the future. This is an entertaining british movie. The movie forces us to think how technology helps us, including explaining how our behavior changes with respect to it. Each show tries to tell how we can make our life better or best with the help of technology or how it could make our life worse. Means it has many side effects along with its advantage. All the actres depict their characters truly. So let's try to predict among the following characters which one suits your personality. Si lets play this quiz
Black Mirror is a British science fiction anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker. He and Annabel Jones are the programme's showrunners. It examines modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.

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You May Get Result Of Which Black Mirror Character are You? Quiz

You are one awesome human being who fights for your loved ones and what's right. Plus you do it in such a genius fashion. Super awesome.
You are a kindhearted person who fights for the people you care for. You are not afraid to fight the system if it's wrong - even if you end up succumbing to that said system.
You are a good person in nature, but you are known to do some shady things, even if it is for good causes. Just don't get in too deep doing illegal things, sooner or later it will come back at you.
You are cynical and have a dark sense of humor. You don't care about the important stuff like politics because it's all the same anyway - in fact it's a joke and you are not afraid to say it out loud.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Would you consider yourself as a good person?

Not reall

How's your family?

My parents and I are very close
I'm not very close to my family anymore
I lost my family after doing something stupid
Meh, they are OK I guess

Choose an occupation:

Construction person

What would be your worst nightmare?

Losing everyone I care about.
Being isolated and not being able to be in contact with anyone
Being poor and homeless
Having no will to live.

How responsible are you?

I'm very responsible
I'm somewhat responsible
I'm not responsible, generally speaking

Have you done anything illegal?

Maybe, but only to right a wrong
I don't think I have.. but maybe.. I don't know if what I did counts as illegal or not

What's your talent?

I am quite the comedian
I am good at reading people
I am meticulous when organizing things
I'm not afraid to speak my mind

What do you think of technology?

Beta testing is so important on creating new technologies
We need it to survive
It has made life super convinient
It will overpower humans one day and control the world

Choose a superpower you would want to have:

Mind control
Heat vision
The ability to heal
Super speed

Which of these most suit the way you dress:

T-shirt, jeans, sneakers and sunnies
Neutral colors like grey, white or black
Smart and expensive looking
Hoodies and sweatpants

Would you consider yourself as ambitious?

Yes, very much so
Yes when I want something really bad
I am somewhat ambitious I suppose
Not really, I'm more of a chill perso

Choose a location:

Somewhere sunny like the beach
Somewhere that has snow
A huge and busy city
Anywhere outdoors

How do you feel about your life right now?

I live in my head a lot
I'm away from my family right now
I feel like I'm stuck in a mindless routine
I feel like I've lost everything
My life is fine at the moment

Choose a drink:


What do you think of politics and the government?

It's an absolute joke
Justice does not always prevail
The government gives out harsh punishments
What government
They are OK I guess

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Which Black Mirror Character are You? Quiz : Test Trivia

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