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When Harry met Sally quiz

When Harry met Sally quiz

A chance encounter between two graduates culminates in a short-term friendship. But when fate brings them back together five years later, they are forced to deal with how they feel.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Billy crystal and Meg ryan played the titular couple but who played their best friends Jess and marie?

Albert Brooks and molly ringwalds
Bruno Kirby and Carrie fisher
Daniel Stern and Elizabeth McGovern

In which city did Harry and Sally first meet, before driving to new york


Which of the following sets of titles were not considered for the film

Autumn in new york, that's my baby, let's call the whole thing off
Words of love, it had to be you, how they met
Just friends, playing melancholy baby, blue moon

The faked orgasm scene takes place in which restaurant

Katz's deli
Carnegie deli
Russian tea room

Who plays the fellow diner who looks over at the faux-ecstatic Ryan and tells the waiter, " I'll have what she's having?

Scriptwriter nora ephron
Meg Ryan's mother
The mother of director rob reiner

Which singer got his big break by performing the films grammy-winning soundtrack

Harry Connick jr
Michael buble

Waiter, there is too much pepper on my ______ but I would be proud to partake of your _____

Pastrami and peach pancake
Paprikash and pecan pie
Pretzel and pumpkin pie

Which classic romantic film do harry and Sally watch in bed while talking on the phone

Some like it hot
An affair to remember

What is the correct answer when they're playing Pictionary at a dinner party and Sally is drawing

Baby broom
Baby talk
Baby fish mouth

How long did it take Harry and Sally to get married

10yrs and 3 months
12 yrs and 3 months
15 yrs and 3 months

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When Harry met Sally quiz : Test Trivia

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