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Steel magnolias quiz

Steel magnolias quiz

M\'Lynn is afraid that she might lose her daughter in childbirth. So, she turns to her girlfriends for strength, support and to celebrate the miracle of life in the movie.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Why was drum eatenton shooting in the front yard as annelle walked past?

Wanted to shoot a rabbit for dinner
Was trying to get rid of birds
Was celebrating his daughter's wedding
Was angry with his neighbours

Which of the ladies was married to Spud


What did Shelby find that her brother's were going to put on her honeymoon car?

Soup cans
Old, smelly shoes
Shaving cream

Which actress played annelle

Daryl hannah
Julia roberts
Molly ringwald
Meg ryan

What was wrong with miss ouisers dog

It was upset because miss ouiser cut it out of her will
It was nervous from all the shooting noise
It was dying of cancer
She thought drum had given it rabies

Why did jackson come to see Shelby before the wedding

He wanted to see her wedding dress
He missed her
So they could take photos together
He wanted to know if she was going to marry him

Why didnt annelle want to do M'Lynn's hair the day of the wedding

She always made hair too pouffy when she was nervous
She wasn't good with braids
M'Lynn's hair was falling out, and didn't wanted to make it worse
She hadn't learned how to do highlights yet

After M'Lynn hid Drum's handgun, what did he do to scare away the birds

He played some old band instruments
He used a crossbow to shoot fireworks at them
He cut down the tree
He bought an Air horn for him and the boys

What were Shelby's wedding colors

Purple and white
Pink and pink
Pink and purple
White and pink

What shape was the groom's cake

Giant octopus

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Steel magnolias quiz : Test Trivia

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