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which The Suicide Squad movie character Am I

which The Suicide Squad movie character Am I

This article contains spoilers for The Suicide Squad. Fitting with James Gunn\'s style, The Suicide Squad features some of the most bizarre characters in the DC universe

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You May Get Result Of which The Suicide Squad movie character Am I

your mind is margot mind set
your mind is dead shot mind set
your mind is killer croc mind set
your mind is joker mind set

Quiz Questions And Answers

who is your favorite character?

killer croc

if government offers you these job what will you choose?

suicide squad

if you become a suicide squad what will you do?

saving people
killing people
leave as it is

you'll work as a?

individual thinker
team leader
team member

what will you do if government does not support you?

try to convince by crooker hook
you'll plead them
you'll leave it

if some one offered a bribery what will you do?

you'll back bitch your team members
you'll hand over to government
you'll plan against that person

do you want to become suicide squad?


what's your opinion on suicide squad?

power full military
real soldiers
they are bad in their work

what will you do when some one activate your neck bomb?

fight with that person
wait for squad
deactivate yourself

can bomb destroy something super natural?

may be

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which The Suicide Squad movie character Am I : Test Trivia

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