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What Type of Husband do I Have? Quiz | My Husband Test

What Type of Husband do I Have? Quiz | My Husband Test

Is your husband the Homer Simpson type or is he more like Phil Dunphy from Modern Family? Take this quiz and find out! Play the quiz What Type of Husband do I Have and find out the type of your hubby.

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Your husband is the Tony Soprano from The Sopranos type of husband.
Your husband is like Homer Simpson from The Simpsons.
Your husband is a type of Clint Barton from The Avengers!
Your husband is like Phil Dunphy from Modern Family!

Quiz Questions And Answers

Do you love your husband?

Yes... along with other people
Well of course!
Yes, always

What did your husband do for your last anniversary?

A box of chocolate and flowers from the gas station... because he forgot about our anniversary
He gave me jewelleries
We have a competition on who gives the better anniversary present
A nice night together

Who earns more money?

My husband
We earn about the same
I do

What do you do for date nights?

A romantic dinner
Nice alone time watching a movie at home
A weekend getaway at a private beach

Does your husband help out with the house chores?


What's one word to best describe your husband?


Do you often fight with your husband?

Almost never

Would you describe your husband as the sensitive type?

He's as cold as ice
He cries at our son's birthday.. every year
He's not sensitive unless it's about something he truly cares about.. like, beer or his favorite TV Show

Is your husband nice to your children?

Yes, out of the two of us he's the fun parent
Yeah I guess

What is something negative about your husband?

He's not a nice person
He's a couch potato
He's away a lot for work
His jokes are lame

How does your husband show that he loves you?

With grand gestures after every time he makes a huge mistake
By telling you everyday that he loves you
My working really hard as the breadwinner in the family
He doesn't

Which one of these occupations is the closest to your husband's job?

Safety inspector
A spy
A salesman
He's a businessman... of sorts

Has your husband ever been unfaithful to you? Or vice versa?

Of course not!
I have my doubts

How happy are you with your husband?

Extremely happy
Somewhat happy
Not very happy

Which of these characters is more like your husband?

Homer - The Simpsons
Tony Soprano - The Sopranos
Hawkeye - The Avengers
Phil Dunphy - Modern Family

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What Type of Husband do I Have? Quiz | My Husband Test : Test Trivia

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