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Searching for sheela quiz

Searching for sheela quiz

The film traces the life of Ma Anand Sheela, who was the spokesperson of the Rajneesh movement, when she returns to India for the first time in 35 years

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Who called this movie crime against journalism

Tatmay Mukherjee
Tatsam Mukherjee
Tanmay Mukherjee

Who said that this film was an extended circuitous version of koffee with karan episode

Saibal chatterjee
Saibil chatterjee
Sabeel chatterjee

Who said that this documentary is dharma style surface level profile of ma anand sheela

Rohan nayar
Rohan naahar
Rohan agle

When was this movie searching for sheela released on Netflix?

22nd april
27th april
29th April

After how many years did ma anand sheela return to india

40 yrs
35 yrs

Which movement did ma anand sheela join after returning

Ranji movement
Rabindra movement
Rajneesh movement

Who was ma arnand sheela?


Whose life does the film traces?

Ma arvind sheela
Ma anand sheela
Ma Andrew sheela

Who is the producer of this film searching for sheela


Who is the director of this film searching for sheela

Shakun batra
Shakur ratna
Sabun rai.

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Searching for sheela quiz : Test Trivia

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