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Quiz: What is your alternate fantasy life?

The quiz depicts the level of your imagination. Play the quiz What is your alternate fantasy life? and find out your alternate fantasy life. Here you have to answer according to your fantasy, Once you submit your fantasy answers then you will get the result of your fantasy life.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Sounds interesting
Life is not bed of chocolates, wake up be real
Yeah, but is that possible
Yes, my prince charming will surely come and save me
No, in real life nothing like this happens
Sometimes I feel, but does it really ahppen
I dont believe in fantasy world
How is that possible?
Miracles do happen
Yes, I firmly believe it
Yes and get married to a man with a horse
Sometimes I think that's a great idea
I want to marry the right person.
I want to switch my job from computer engineer to animation specialist
I would design my dress myself it should include lace, embellishment, designer button, etc.
Secret Wedding Plan, what's that
I wish to dress myself creatively minus the stress
Enter the world of Snowhite and see how beautiful she was
Become rich
I can buy expensive dress like the princess and look like mermaid
The Lord of Rings
Harry Potter
The Immitation Game
Yes, and marrying a prince Naveen
Sometimes I think so
No, truth hurts
Alice in Wonderland
Too practical
A mix of both
The Great Gatsby
The Shining
Murder on the Orient Express
Yes, I definitely I have many ideas on how I could kill that wicked lady
I hate fantasizing
Yes , but what Gretel did was amazing

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Quiz: What is your alternate fantasy life? : Test Trivia

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